Board Communication

Modern businesses have opportunities businessmen just 10 years ago couldn’t even dream of. Technologies allow companies to evolve faster by providing them with all kinds of instruments that help to improve processes. One of such instruments is board management software. It was created to help businesses maintain productive and steady communication and a flow of documents.

It is really hard to manage the activity of the board properly. Especially if the company is quite big and there are a lot of members in the leading team. The head of every department is always busy with their own processes. So they forget to share the details about their actions quite often. As a result, when the meeting is scheduled, everyone who takes part in it has no clue about what is going on in other departments. Obviously, to start discussing issues and make decisions everyone should understand the current situation first. So the long explanation takes place.

How to make meetings more productive?

Listening to reports and studying documents during the event is a huge waste of time. And since technology allows us avoiding this, we should take an opportunity. The board portal software helps to make the meeting efficient and as short as possible. With such an app, everyone will come to the event prepared for it in advance. The virtual boardroom has all the features the director might need to get ready for a meeting.

Share and review the documents

With a board app, it is easy to exchange files and study them when it is convenient for you. All documents can be uploaded to the virtual repository in a bulk. If they are already sorted into folders on your computer you can simply Drag and Drop the whole system. Thus, you won’t have to reassemble the structure again. And if your documents are not organized yet, you can do it within the virtual board portal. Once you have a convenient system of folders it is easy to get to the needed file as quickly as possible.

The biggest perk you get using a virtual boardroom to store your files is a flawless security. Your sensitive corporate data will never be exposed to any kind of threat. Providers of such board software put a lot of efforts in the protection. They secure both servers with user information and transfer ways with the strongest encryption possible. Therefore, there is no chance left for hackers to crawl into the storage somehow. Usually, vendors ask independent security professionals to test out their protection and give an unbiased opinion. Thus, users can be sure their data is actually safe, not only on the paper.

To make sure malefactors won’t get their hands on the confidential data due to the user mistake, virtual boardrooms have a two-factor authentication. It means that to get into the workspace the user has to prove their identity somehow. It won’t be enough to just enter the login and the password. Usually, the user has to enter the randomly generated code that was sent to their phone upon logging in. But providers would offer several options of the two-factor authentication to make the process convenient for the user.

With such a reliable virtual storage it is simple to exchange the documents. In addition, users can access their workspaces from any location and at any moment. It allows studying the information even during traveling keeping everyone updated. Using such software all directors show up to the meeting already knowing what is going on in all departments of the company.

Keep the communication alive

With the number of tasks leaders have no wonder they have no time to simply talk to each other. Because to have a conversation they have to find a moment, meet and discuss issues. Virtual board portals have built-in chats where all members of the leading team can communicate using their devices even on the road. And since those chats are visible to all participants, they can follow the conversation and join in when needed. It is a really convenient way to build a proper interaction within the board.

If several directors need to discuss some matters that are related only to their departments, they can create a smaller private chat that will be inaccessible for others. Thus, they can talk not worrying someone will find out anything about it.

The great feature virtual boardrooms have is that users can tag documents in chats. It allows others to access files quickly instead of looking for them in the repository manually. Such tool saves time and effort and makes the conversation more productive.

Such technology offers a lot of meeting management tools. One of them is a voting tool. Using it directors can create votes and make decisions on some issues that can be solved without gathering a meeting. Obviously, it will save a lot of time. Also, this instrument can be used to schedule further events and pick the convenient for everybody time.

Keep a track of everything

Using the board of directors portal leaders can create tasks and assign them to themselves or executives. It allows tracking the progress and helps to remember everything that they have planned to do. All the activity of users in the virtual boardroom is recorded by the system. Later directors can create reports out of these records and study them. It might give some useful insights and ideas on how to improve processes in the company.

There is no chance to forget any details

First of all, users can go through chat logs to refresh the memory or use some pieces of past conversations to prove their points. Also, all meetings can be recorded with the help of the virtual data room. These records are stored in the electronic repository and can be accessed when needed. It is very convenient, especially for new members of the board. Instead of wasting time and efforts to explain them the current situation you can simply give them an access to the virtual board portal. There they will be able to go through all documents and records and study them at a comfortable pace.