Box VDR is a really popular secure virtual data room. It can be used by any companies but it will it the best to small and medium ones. Why is it so? It is one of a few virtual data room providers which can take charge for users. It implies that you do not pay a fixed price but pay for the people who use your data room. Is not it just ideal for companies without hundreds of employees? However, the loyal prices of this data room provider do not mean that it has fewer functionalities than other ones. Vice versa, it offers you everything you will need for the comfortable work. It is really mission-critical that Box can boast of its mobility. It means that you are free to use it with the help of your IPad, laptop or mobile phone. To say more, it has a special application which will make your usage easier. A great good deal of enterprises do not turn to online data rooms because they are afraid of using new technologies. First of all, it is to admit that there is nothing scaring in it because almost all the VDRs are very easy to navigate. However, if you feel uncomfortable, there are webinars and lessons which will help you to orientate yourself. But we will tell you the truth – as a rule, nobody uses them. As you know, a lot of data rooms have the most advanced possibilities but you will not get everything for the lowest price. For this reason, Box is not an exception and you are free to choose between three kinds of trials. For you not to worry, this VDR takes care of its security. And the pleasant detail is that this company says that you stand a show to save up to $10000 a year if you choose it.