Virtual Data Room Providers Comparison

Today there is such a great choice of data rooms services that from one side you are glad that you can choose anything you want, but from the other side, it is hard to get and analyze so much information, so many features, so many differences. In such a case, you definitely need to get acquainted with the unbiased virtual data room comparison. Doing it, we took into consideration the main features of the virtual data room providers, their criteria of security and of course, the virtual data room reviews.

Comparison of The TOP VDR Providers

You have to be ready to understand that choosing the VDR is not an easy process. To achieve the purpose you need to get deeper into the question, to skip through the description of numerous services, to decide which functions you need and which are excessive. You should know that today the VDRs offer you so many opportunities that it can happen so that you will not need all of them. To say more, you also have to know that even if some provider has the broadest list of functions, it does not mean that you will get them all. As a rule, they all have at least three kinds of subscriptions with different prices and you choose that one which fits you most of all. You need to look which firms the provider works with. It will give you the chance to understand if it has ever worked with the enterprise from the similar sphere. There is a great possibility to understand if this VDR is created for you. It is called a «free trial». The more repositories you test, the broadest image you get. Of course, if you do not have time to grasp it all, you always can read our articles, reviews, comparisons and take your decision. In the fashion, we decided to analyze the top virtual data room providers which will never put you in a spot. Some of them will fit you better, some of them do not correspond to your requirements, but in general, these are simply the best virtual data rooms. And if do not wish to risk with your secret documentation, we insist that you clap eyes on these VDRs.

So, first of all, you have to understand what you really need to get from the VDRs. For some people, the most overwhelming thing is the loyal pricing policy. And as you see, it is easy to find the perfect value for money and not to risk with anything. But it is conspicuous that you have to choose the service in accordance with your requirements. Some people need a lot of communication with their team and partners. For this aim, you are encouraged to pick the VDRs with the perfect Q&A mode. There are also people who appreciate the brand and do not pay attention to some drawbacks. For these people, there are numerous worldwide known providers. People who take care of their image should follow the principle in the data room too. For this aim, they are recommended to choose the VDRs which are ready to create your own unique design which will fully correspond to their company style. Of course, the majority of people pay attention to the security. So, they should take note of their certificates. Frankly speaking, the security should be the main thing for choosing the service because if you are not afraid for your deeds, you stand a show to use costless cloud storage and get many similar functions. But this variant is only for people who do not care about the security of their archives. In general, this option is ideal for non-commercial purposes.

iDeals VDR

Ideals data room can be named one of the best virtual data rooms in the current pipeline today.


Box is a really popular secure virtual data room. It can be used by any companies but it will it the best to small and medium ones.


We can claim that Intralinks Virtual Data Room can be called the oldest data room provider. There is a plenty of huge and widely known companies which work with it.


Everybody will tell you that when you want to find the best virtual data room for leading your M&A deals, you need to look at Ansarada. Of course, a lot of other data room providers can have the same opportunities, but Ansarada was made exactly for the M&A deals. Consequently, they dispose of a wealth of experience.


Merril Datasite was created in the United States of America but as any proficient virtual data rooms, it has numerous representatives through the world. The unique detail about Merril is that it supports 14 languages.

Citrix ShareFile

First of all, it is to say that Citrix ShareFile comes from the USA, but can be accessed in any corner of the world. The special thing about this venture is that not depending on your operating system, you can easily work with Citrix.